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Tailored employer branding

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  • As the unemployment rate decreases rapidly and young generation is more global in the work practices employer branding is getting higher priorities at the top managemet strategic developments list. Most of the organisations have understood that empoyer branding does not mean coping competitors and that one solution does not fit all.
  • Where is the starting point for employer branding in an organization?
  • What analysis needs to be done in order to decide what type of employer brand should be built?
  • How much do you suggest to look at the competitors and how much at the existing organization?
  • How to segment the talent market for different organisations?
  • How to position the employer brand for different organisations?
  • How to tailor the toolbox for employer branding for different organisations?
  • Is the measurement of the employer brand different for the different organisations?
  • You are researching HR and gamification. What are the main news and findings in that field? 

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