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Euromonitor comments that the interest is increasing in cross-cultural marketing. This is the idea of adopting a cross-cultural approach, targeting similarities across all ethnic groups for example, rather than creating approaches for each group in isolation.

Examples of cross-cultural approach: 

Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” ad campaign

Kimberly-Clark “Celebrate Family Unity“ 

PepsiCo “Cultural Fluency” approach

On the other side it’s important in some markets and to the first generation of immigrants to stress the heritage. For instance, in a recent report cited by Reachingblackconsumers.com 77% of Black Americans indicated their heritage was an important part of who they are, compared with 58% of the general population.

L’Oréal has acquired specialist companies in the beauty sector in order to be able to expand on its presence in the multicultural market. It has acquired SoftSheen and Carol’s Daughter in the USA and Niely Cosméticos in Brazil. 

How much does this trend influence your global marketing in Volvo Trucks?

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