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Global Sponsorship Strategy

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We have talked about sponsorship several times in our Marketing Radio Talk Show. Today we are focusing on more global approach of sponsorship. Christina Magnusson who is representing Volvo Lastvagnar, one of the companies behind the Volvo Ocean Race sponsorship. All marketers admire what you do, but let’s look behind the curtains and see how do you get it work. 

  • Let’s start from the beginning: you started directing Volvo sponsorship team for about 10 years ago. What choice did you have at that time? Did you have to choose a field of sports or decide what sailing activity to choose? How did you reach the decision? What where the supporting factors and what where the main challenges? What was the toughest decision? 
  • How do you measure the results of Volvo Ocean Race for Volvo Lastvagnar? Do you see direct correlation in future customers who have participated in the events to sign deals faster or prefer upgraded solutions? Do you see current customers buying more often or suggesting Volvo trucks more? 
  • How does Volvo Ocean Race support Volvo trucks sales in different market? With a Chinese team participating in the race the interest in China towards the race has grown, but what about the sales in China?  How long time would it normally take to see improvements in sales?
  • How much do the countries differ? Do you have the same model in China, US, Brazil or different? If different, then is what aspects?
  • How to use sponsorship for efficient content creation? How to integrate it smoothly to you B2B sales and marketing operations? 
  • What are the best lessons learned from global sponsorship? What would you say are the 3 do’s and 3 things to avoid in global sponsorship? 
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: How should sponsorship be used in marketing a creative business?

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