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During this Easter consumers will pay increasingly attention to the excessive waste caused by packaging of Easter decorations.  When in 2012 there were 9% of companies claiming “environmentally friendly product” or “environmentally friendly package”, then in 2014 already 35% of the products had the claim in Easter sugar and confectionary category.  There are two innovative packaging solutions in the market this year:

Edible packaging like Küchle’s Edible Easter Gras, launched in Germany in March 2015, is made from edible paper and sweeteners.

Plant the package could be another alternative with several solutions in other markets. Like a recent project from Kickstarter, in which a California-based company is developing a compostable coffee cup impregnated with seeds from local trees and plants.

A 2014 product from Nestlé South Africa has a recyclable container and a compostable package for the Easter egg and bars.

Seed and Bean’s Organic Cornish Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate was launched in Finland, September 2014. The product’s packaging’s inner foil wrappers are made from cellulose and are home compostable.

How should companies react to this trend?


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