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Saatelõik: Turunduse tulejoonel

When we in Estonia were surprised and amazed about the success that Estonian film Tangerines had in Oscars and Golden Globe, everyone wanted also to know about what was behind the success.

  • Let’s start from the beginning. How do you choose a film that you think might reach the nominations?
  • What research do you conduct? What is more important: to understand the audience or to understand the people who evaluate films? How do you research the competing films? Is there anything else you are researching before deciding the strategy? Does our country brand matter?
  • How do you choose target groups? How do you position the film?
  • How do you decide the promotion strategy? How have the strategies changed over the time? What are the best working strategies today? How much has the digital development influenced your choice of strategy?
  • How early do you start with the promotion activities? Does it matter: is it dangerous to start too early or too late?
  • How do you distribute the budget? What are the must have investments into promotion and what are the nice to have ones?
  • What are the key success factors in film promotion? What are the lessons learned for promoting Estonian films in US market in the future?
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: How should films used to market a country?
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