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Hi! I plan to start a company that conducts make-up trainings for teens and for grown-ups. We do not have a make-up studio, but we plan to do rent venues for the trainings.

  1. How can we find clients for the trainings? We have information at our homepage, a Facebook fan page, a mailing list, an article in a local newspaper, their webpage and Facebook page and a poster in local library. Should we use promotion like share and win in Facebook or is it outdated and cheap? What could be the alternatives?
  2. What key-words should dominate in the ads for the make-up trainings? We have talked about the content of the trainings, about the healthy materials we use, offered bundled price for beginners and advanced course, mentioned the graduation season. Could we use discount for fast registering?
  3. How to reach the schools and offer a make-up training as part of their extra curricular program? Why should a school offer this type of training in their extracurricular program as the competition is tough? Would it be that it is different from the current trainings, interesting topic for teens, an unavoidable step in girls life? What benefits should we communicate for parents who are going to pay for the training, but their kids make the decision. Should we talk about health, need to increase awareness or about affordable pricing?

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