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Employer branding influence on financials

Saatelõik: Turunduse tulejoonel

In this part of the show Jonna Sjövall and Anu-Mall Naarits tried to find a answers to following questions: 

  • Does employer branding pay off? And how quickly?
  • Where should a financial director see difference in numbers after one or two years of investment into employer branding? 
  • How long would it take to see the results in anything is changed in employer branding? Is one or two years enough or is a longer time needed to see the first results? Give some good examples.
  • What are the typical “must-have-investments” and “nice-to-have-investments” in employer branding an organization should consider? What is a minimum an organization should do for employer branding purposes? 
  • What are the things in employer branding that give the fastest pay-off? 
  • How much should micro and small companies invest into their employer branding in order to see the results?  
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: food production. For  your explanation: after Russia banned import of European food, we decided to help Estonian food producers by giving them new ideas.  So, what do you think where should food producers invest in employer branding in order to see the quick payoff?