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Coalition Loyalty Programs

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Last year we made an interesting experiment by offering people money for their loyalty cards. Most of them were willing to give away most of the cards for nothing or for 1-2€ because they told they never use the cards. The interesting part was to analyze what type of cards they wanted to keep despite the money that was offered. There were two types of cards they wanted to keep: cards they used often and received significant discounts with and the other type of cards were the cards were giving discounts in many different locations. So, let us look more deeply into the coalition loyalty.

  • How do you create a coalition loyalty program? Are there different programs for different target groups? If yes, how do they differ?
  • How do you select providers for the coalition loyalty program? Give some good examples.
  • What are the key success factors for a coalition loyalty program? Give some examples
  • What have been the lessons learned when building a coalition loyalty program? Tell some stories
  • What tools to you use in order to measure the results of the program? What measurements do you use? How do you define success in the program? Give some examples.
  • The key for the most loyalty programs is how to make people buy more. What do you do it increase spending at your partners places? Share some success stories
  • What can the stand-alone loyalty program managers learn from you? Tell some stories.
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: food production. For your explanation: after Russia banned import of European food, we decided to help Estonian food producers by giving them new ideas.  So, what should food producers learn from your experience?

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