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Brand Journalism

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Brand journalism is one of the hot buzzwords in marketing right now. Every major company is discussing about how to set up a brand newsroom, agree on members of editors team, and about a publishing calendar. The smaller companies refer to content marketing and talk about posting on Facebook.

  • Lets look at the basics first: what is the main difference is brand journalism and content marketing?
  • Why should a company or a person consider brand journalism as a marketing tool? Are there any type of companies there it is especially important?
  • How should a company set up a brand journalism system? Who should manage it and who should participate?
  • What type of content should be published? How should a perfect editorial calendar to be set up? What is the ideal frequency?
  • How to choose the right channels? How to combine the channels? How many channels should be included?
  • How to measure the results of brand journalism?
  • Can you bring some exciting examples about companies who have done brand journalism right and achieved success?
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: How should brand journalism basics to be used in order to market a country? 

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