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Trend "Work Less, Play Hard"

Euromonitor published its annual travel trend survey and one of the trends they pointed out is “Work Less, Play Hard” that is based on the fact that small, but increasing number of American companies are offering unlimited paid holidays. The American Dream, the opportunity for everyone to prosper and climb up the social ladder, often translates as long working hours and few holidays. Americans have notoriously limited holiday entitlement compared to their European counterparts with no legal minimum of paid holidays. 

However, some leading companies are changing this attitude by offering employees unmonitored or even “unlimited” holidays. Companies that have implemented this policy include Netflix, Evernote, Gravity Payments, and Virgin Group in its offices in London, Geneva and New York. 

Around 1% of American companies operate this policy, with employees taking as much time off as they want. 

However, in reality employees seldom abuse the policy if there is a good trust relationship in the workplace and a sense of only taking time off when it will not impact the business. 

More holidays would be a win-win for the travel industry and employers, with benefits for both being seen, coupled with an improved work/life balance for employees 

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