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Strategic Employer Branding


During the last 3 years when we have been promoting Employer Branding here in Estonia we see that more and more organizations start to look at employer branding as part of the corporate strategy, not only a recruitment tool. 

  • You have been strategic consultant for major global companies for long time. What is the major difference between the organizations that take employer branding as a strategic tool compared to the rest who do not? 
  • How should a company segment talent market? What are the different ways to see at the segmentation? Give some examples.
  • How to choose the right target market?
  • How to position the employer brand for the chosen target group?  How to choose EVP that really makes difference?
  • What are most used the employer branding tools? What are the most innovative solutions in employer branding today? What will happen in 2020 in employer branding?
  • The last question for this part is from a different field: how should nations benefit from employer branding?

Length 40.05