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New trends in Employer Branding

Before our Dream Employer Conference it is right time to talk about new trends in Employer Branding and I am happy to have an interview with Linus Holmgren from employer branding agency Talent Talk in Sweden.

  • What are the biggest news in Employer Branding?
  • One of the key prediction is that more and more companies unite consumer and employer brand. Do you see that happening? Can you bring some examples?
  • The focus on candidate experience has predicted to be a trend. Is it a growing trend or mainstream today?
  • How is AI influencing employer branding? Is it only to save time in recruitment or supporting employer brand building also?
  • What are the new areas for employer branding? You have worked with state brand building. How did it go?
  • Is there any other new tends in employer branding worth mentioning?

Length of the part 25.44