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Scaling up


Marketingi Instituut is Eesti Töötukassa's cooperation partner.

We have a successful business in Estonia, now what?

Next step of business development is scaling up and growing internationally. Estonian market is small and if you want to build a bigger company you have to operate internationally. In this course you will learn how to create a scaling strategy for your business, launch new products and conquer new markets. This is possible with using multichannel marketing, which is one of the focus points of this course.

NB! The course is held in English. 

Target group

Managers or Owners in Companies who want to understand how they can integrate & use digital tools / channels to increase sales and profitability.            

Everyone planning to start a company, with or without a Marketing background, who seek to gain or refresh their skills and knowledge.

Main topics
  • Growing the business internationally.
  • Creating metrics-based scaling strategy.
  • Omnichannel optimisation of business models.
  • Brand values and experience across multiple channels.
Within the course the participants will learn
  • How to use digital channels for export.
  • How to scale business internationally.
  • How to launch new products and choose the new markets.
  • Why using multiple channels is important for growing sales.
  • What are the available channels and how to use them (Amazon, Etsy, eBay etc).
Participants will be able to
  • Create international expansion strategy.
  • Optimize their business models.
  • Choose suitable channels and use them effectively.
  • Keep the customer experience high in all the used channels.

Artem Daniliants

Artem’s mission is to help companies grow profitably in digital. He is a growth hacker by nature, heart and experience: he has over 15 years' experience in digital marketing, planning and implementing digital services, programming, maintaining servers and databases.  Artem has helped many companies from start-ups to large enterprises grow their businesses with digital solutions.

‍He has learned a lot from this practical experience in digital.  Moreover, Artem is a serial entrepreneur and he enjoys the most to see a company grow. His goal is to share his experience and enthusiasm with his students and clients and help them earn positive ROI from digital.

Training methods

The training day (8 AH) includes a theoretical introduction to the topic, individual and group exercises and discussions, and trainer feedback. The training environment https://marketingiinstituut.talentlms.com contains training materials for independent processing. The training includes homework and the trainer's feedback. The total volume of the training is 40 academic hours.

A graduate who only participates in the training day will receive a certificate confirming this. A graduate of the training who, in addition to participating in the training day, submits an independent work and receives feedback and assessment from the trainer, will receive a certificate stating the grade. Evaluated in a 10-point system, positive scores are 4-10.

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24. november 2020 a. Scaling up
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The price of the training 420 € + VAT includes conducting the training day, feedback and assessment of homework and the exam, two coffee breaks and lunch on the training day.