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The PESA+ programme was developed in cooperation between Marketingi Instituut (Marketing Institute) and Loov Eesti (Creative Estonia), and it is co-financed by Enterprise Estonia from the European Regional Development Fund. PESA+ is designed for entrepreneurs involved in creative industries and comprises a web-based training programme, practical workshops and an international mentoring programme.

The companies that graduated from the first PESA+ programme round were Grandecor, Kaun, Amoor, Sitik and Kyllike.  Please find introductions to and products of the companies here!

The participants value most the following features of the PESA+ project:

  • virtual learning, i.e. an opportunity to study from anywhere in Estonia;
  • personal feedback;
  • very good positive and inspiring trainers that can provide various progressive ideas and give directions taking into account the specifics of the company;
  • teaching aids in the form of training videos are accessible for a longer period and can be played back at convenient times;
  • target market based foreign mentors.

Listen also to the Marketing Radio show "Marketing in a small enterprise" where a successful graduate of PESA+ programme shares its experience. Amoor is a company that produces snacks under the name of Ampstükk. We recommend listening to the show!

Target group

Companies involved in creative industries that intend to begin exporting or have taken their first steps towards exporting but require more knowledge are welcome to apply for a spot in the PESA+ programme. 

Contents of the programme

The programme comprises four modules:

The first module “Are you ready to export?” covers the following: introducing an export plan, selecting an appropriate product/service for export and reviewing the place of the company in the value chain. The first three-week module is virtual learning and includes short lectures, homework and subsequent weekly feedback.

The second four-week module “Choose the right market!” focuses on choosing export markets, conducting market research and drawing conclusions based on the results. The second module is virtual learning and includes short lectures, homework and subsequent weekly feedback.

During the third module “Prepare a smart plan!”, export schedules and necessary resources are reviewed. The third two-week module is virtual learning and includes short lectures, homework and subsequent weekly feedback.

The fourth module “Sell, sell, sell!" provides practical training on the following topics: preparing for sales meetings, negotiating tactics, networking and reviewing contract nuances. This module includes virtual learning, two face-to-face sales and negotiating classes and one networking event. Thereafter, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective at selling!

The founder of the Export Revolution programme and top marketing expert Anu-Mall Naarits, will be joined by others including Jaan Järv, who was involved as a trainer in the Export Revolution programme and the exporters’ qualification improving programme, in sharing their knowledge and experience during the PESA+ export programme. 

Mentors from the UK, German and Finnish markets will consult entrepreneurs throughout the entire programme. 

By the end of the programme, March 2017, the entrepreneurs will have their first export plans in place and they will be negotiating with partners in target countries.


Trainer Jaan Järv has excellent training experience. For four years, he was a mentor to ten export sales managers whom he assisted with his knowledge and experience as part of the Export Revolution programme and the exporters’ qualification improving programme organised by Enterprise Estonia. In the last three years, Jaan has trained hundreds of employees of companies interested in exporting. These companies intend to expand export volume by entering a new market systematically that involves first preparing a realistic export plan based on market research conducted under the supervision of Jaan. Listen to the Marketing Radio show where Jaan Järv was a guest.

Trainer Anu-Mall Naarits has been training in the field of marketing and export over 20 years and has consulted tens of companies and organisations. Anu can see the big picture and look at a topic from a very practical standpoint. Each person who participates in the training is actively involved in the learning process as each person work in pairs or groups or work with his/her own project. Anu can give feedback to every participant and she finds time to provide more advice if necessary. Anu’s educational background in psychology has helped her develop excellent communication skills and her business administration education from Stockholm University has given her valuable knowledge about business. Anu is systematic, analytical and cooperative and she always prepares materials thoroughly. Anu is responsible for finding and participating in international projects, setting up consortiums, preparing offers and implementing projects at Marketingi Instituut.

Information about participation

PESA+ III group starts 05.02.2018.  You can still apply until 25th of January 2018.

Koolituste toimumise ajad
Koolituste hind

The programme lasts 5 months. Enterprise Estonia co-finances PESA+ from the European Regional Development Fund.