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How to make B2B content support your sales?


Marketingi Instituut is Eesti Töötukassa's cooperation partner.

A practical and exciting master class by Finnish content strategists with the objective of teaching how to develop a productive and functioning content creation strategy that supports sales effectively and efficiently.

Why should you participate? In modern social media environment, it is extremely important to get the right content to the right customer at the right time. At the same time, content must be meaningful, coherent, attractive, sustainable and precisely focused.

A successful content creation strategy helps to achieve excellent results for large as well as small companies. If your company does not have a content creation strategy or you wish to improve it, then this international master class is for you.

NB! The seminar will be held in English and ONLINE. Also, the number of participants is very limited, so that each participant can take part in the discussion of topics and think along. 

Target group

This master class is designed for experienced marketers that wish to improve their content marketing to make it work better and more efficiently and to support achieving actual sales results. The participants are expected to know internet marketing basics, which will not be discussed during this seminar.

Main topics

Basics of digital content creation strategy

  • What is a content creation strategy and why it is necessary?
  • What is customer-focused content creation? How to create it?

How to plan and create digital content? Targeting, channels and content types.

  • Which content types exist and how to choose them depending on the buyer’s journey stage?
  • How to create content – tips on how to create an excellent piece of writing
  • SEO and micro content
The master class participants will learn
  • How to build an effective content creation strategy
  • How to create motive-based target groups
  • How to develop a content creation journey
  • How to create content that is important for your target group
  • How to use various channels in different buyer’s journey stages
  • Which content types exist and how to make them work in the buyer’s journey stages
  • How to create attractive content for online channels
Training participants will be able to

The participants that have taken part in the master class will know how to create an effective content creation strategy that supports their company’s B2B sales.
The participants will be able to plan and create attractive content for online channels.

Training methods

The training day (8 AT), which this time will be held ONLINE, includes a theoretical introduction to the topic, individual and group exercises and discussions, and trainer feedback. The training environment https://marketingiinstituut.talentlms.com contains training materials for independent processing. The training includes homework and the trainer's feedback. The total volume of the training is 16 academic hours.


Susanna Haavisto

Susanna Haavisto is a content specialist at Differo. She has expertise in creating both visual and textual content for multiple channels, as well as creating concepts for new content. Susanna’s background is in content creation, project coordination and communication in the cultural field, and she has a passion for stories told in all forms. Her main areas of expertise are content planning and creation as well as graphic design. 

Nadja Huotari

Nadja works as a content strategist at Differo and is part of the partner relations team. She plans and implements digital marketing campaigns. Nadja has extensive marketing experience in the IT and financial sectors. Her great passion is digital marketing metrics and novel content formats, such as podcasts. Nadja’s main competences are marketing automatisation, social media, marketing analytics, SEO and content creation.

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The price of the master class 350 € + VAT includes conducting the training day, training materials in the training environment https://marketingiinstituut.talentlms.com/, two coffee breaks and lunch on the training day.