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Digital Business Planning: How to plan for success and deploy it in real-world


Marketingi Instituut is Eesti Töötukassa's cooperation partner.

This course will help you to make successful planning for the future. One of the main parts of business success is correct financial planning, as every for-profit business is aimed at generating profit. You will get to know how to use available resources in the best way and find additional resources to use them for growth. Moreover, every business is facing a variety of risks. At the end of the course, you will know how to conduct risk management to build a sustainable business.

NB! The course is held in English. 

Target group

Managers or Owners in Companies who want to understand how they can integrate & use digital tools/channels to increase sales and profitability.            

Everyone planning to start a company, with or without a Marketing background, who seek to gain or refresh their skills and knowledge.

Main topics
  • Financial and resource planning: setting income and expenditure targets.
  • Considering available resources. 
  • Growth opportunities.
  • Planning, analyzing and adjusting.
  • Risk management.
Within the course the participants will learn
  • How to conduct financial planning.
  • Why is cash flow important.
  • What are available investment possibilities.
  • How to find growth opportunities.
  • How to plan and set milestones.
  • How to foresee risks.
  • How to mitigate risks.
Participants will be able to
  • Implement financial planning: setting sales and costs targets, tracking cash flow, and making investments.
  • Conduct resource analysis and plan for growth.
  • Make effective project planning and set milestones.
  • Conduct risk management.

Andrew Paterson

Andrew Paterson has great experience in almost every discipline needed for business: Operations and Customer Service, Finance and Commercial, Buying and Merchandising, Design Management, Production, Supply Chain and Sourcing, E-commerce and Marketing. In all these disciplines the successes came through the teams he led, developed and most importantly learned from. These skills, his experience and a strong global network allow him to operate as an Leader or as Independent Consultant, supporting a variety of businesses in developing growth and efficiency strategies.

Andrew has been in fashion and retailing for decades. He worked in the UK Arcadia Group and for almost 8 years in the Baltika Group, where he was responsible for running the factories, led 5 brand collectors, purchasers, supply chain and sales analysts. During this period, he taught dozens of top-level practitioners in the field in Estonia. Currently he works as an agent for an Italian fabric business and runs a distribution business importing from the UK and Ireland and selling to businesses in 4 Baltic countries. Moreover, Andrew advises and instructs a variety of small businesses in the creative industries industry. 

Training methods

The training day (8 AH) includes a theoretical introduction to the topic, individual and group exercises and discussions, and trainer feedback. The training environment https://marketingiinstituut.talentlms.com contains training materials for independent processing. The training includes homework and the trainer's feedback. The total volume of the training is 40 academic hours.

A graduate who only participates in the training day will receive a certificate confirming this. A graduate of the training who, in addition to participating in the training day, submits an independent work and receives feedback and assessment from the trainer, will receive a certificate stating the grade. Evaluated in a 10-point system, positive scores are 4-10.

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The price of the training 420 € + VAT includes conducting the training day, feedback and assessment of homework and the exam, two coffee breaks and lunch on the training day.