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About us

Company Profile

Turundusproff is a private organization that focuses on export and marketing training and consultancy. Our specialty is to use innovative training methods blending online and offline learning, peer-to-peer learning, networking, mentoring, coaching, consultancy, gamification, etc., to find the best ways to train and support the implementation of learning into companies’ everyday practice. Turundusproff is a member of IATTO (International Association of Trade Training Organizations) and has a wide network of international trainers of export training in different countries.

 We also publish Estonian leading management magazine Director+Inseneeria focused on leadership and technology.

 Turundusproff has a daughter company Invicta OÜ which specializes in training and coaching in management and leadership.

Innovative Blended Learning Training Programs

Turundusproff team started to experiment with different combined learning methods in 2012 when creating the first virtual product development incubator for creative businesses.

E-learning combined with group mentoring and company-based independent assignments as well as live seminars formed a strong basis to help companies to develop new products, learn and test new business models, practice marketing planning and learn basic of management. Strong networks and peer to peer learning was developed.

Based on the virtual product development incubator the same methodology was brought to the next level with virtual creative export incubator: new features like international mentoring and practical trade fair trainings together with on-site coaching were added.

These projects were further developed for Ukraine where in 2017 we launched Ukraine Export Revolution project, one of the major export training programs in the country and added a special stream for creative economies export in 2018. In 2019 we signed an agreement with Chemonics to conduct the 3rd cycle of Export Training under name of Export Evolution. The program was financed by USAID.

International and Development Co-operation

In 2019-2021 we trained Ukrainian export consultants to become efficient and skilled in export and consulting. U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and Estonian development cooperation funded the project. 

In 2021 we run four projects in Ukraine. Estonian development cooperation funded the Service Export project. Also, Estonian Development Cooperation and the U.S. embassy in Kyiv jointly funded Export consultants training project 2nd round and Export Academy. Finally, together with USAID, we co-created the Export Evolution IT project.

In 2012 we hosted an annual IATTO Forum in Estonia with 350 participants from 30 countries.

2014-2020 we partnered with EASME in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, helping young Estonian entrepreneurs to find host entrepreneurs in Europe for entrepreneurial exchange and finding host companies in Estonia for new entrepreneurs from other countries. 2018-2020 we were responsible for marketing the consortium covering Estonia, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Albania, and Turkey.

Major Marketing Projects

In parallel to export training, we have worked with different marketing projects since 2010.

The launch of Estonian Seaplane Harbour in 2013 resulted in 320 000 visitors during the first year. The re-launch of Tallinn TV tower as a tourist attraction resulted in 240 000 visitors during the first year. The main markets for Seaplane Harbour were Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Germany, and for Tallinn TV Tower Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia.

In 2016-2018 we supported an INTERREG project for promoting 12 small marinas in Eastern Estonia and Eastern Finland to the customers of Estonia, Finnish and Swedish markets.

From 2017 we promote Ida-Virumaa County (area in east Estonia) as an adventurous tourist destination. Target markets are Estonia, Russia, and Finland. As a result, we have increased nights spent in local accommodations by 50 000 per yoy in 2018.

From 2015 we arrange an annual international training event called Tallinn Marketing Week- more than 500 participants and international speakers from all over Europe attend each year.

Export Training Projects

Since 2010 we have been one of the leading partners for Enterprise Estonia in export training programs. As a result, we have had export training in more than ten topics and trained more than 600 exporters or export interested companies in Estonia.

The most complex export program has been Export Revolution (2011-2013). First, we recruited 50 young graduates to 50 Estonian companies. Then, we trained and mentored them to sell for 1M€ on average to the export market a year after graduating from the program.

In the program we run together with ITM Worldwide in Sweden 2014-2015, we piloted an e-learning qualification program for export sales managers and FITT (Canada) and IOE (UK) for 18 export managers.

In 2017- 2018 in cooperation with consultation company Steinbeis, we conducted Mission Germany- the training program for Estonian companies, focusing on the German market. During two years, German business consultants assisted companies in client acquisition and business visits in Germany.

From 2018 we are running a training and consultancy project, Systematic Export targeting Germany, Sweden, and Norway as sample markets.

2018-2019 we completed a training and mentoring program, “Practical Strategic Development,” for 32 SME-s in Estonia.

Together with Enterprise Estonia, we started Systematic Export via Digital Channels in 2021, focusing on Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.