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Destination branding

Nation branding is a very hot topic here in Estonia now when the third repositioning for brand Estonia is taking place. At the beginning the brand was mostly for the tourism sector and welcoming them to Estonia, the second focus was more targeted to Estonians by focusing on the We love Estonia concept. The third one is happening now: wide crowdsourcing of ideas and thinking together with different interest groups will lead us to the new set of brand stories, values and focus that is probably wider than before.

You have been working together with different countries and nations and helped them with their branding.

  • What has been the coolest or most exciting destination brand you have helped to build? Why was it successful? What was the insight for the destination brand?  How was private sector involved in the process? What should we learn from them?
  • What has been the most challenging case for destination branding? How did you approach the case? How dis the tourism sector cooperate with you? What could we learn from the case?
  • What are the 3 most important things in destination branding? 

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