Design as strategy

Disainiöö or Design Night program brought many high level professionals to Estonia and we had a chance to host Michael Thomson from UK here in our Marketing Radio Talk Show.  

  • You have been helping many countries and companies to design their design strategies. Why would a country, a public organization or a company need a design strategy? Where in the general strategy woult design as a strategy fit in? Or shoult it replace it?
  • How should public organisations use design as a strategy? Give a good example.
  • Ana the same question about the private companies now connected to the design field: how should this type of companies use design as strategy? Give a good example.
  • How should organisations implement design as strategy? How should the process be conducted?
  • What are the main challenges in implementidn design as strategy? How to overcome them?
  • Can you tell me an example about an organization that has implemented the design as strategy principles and achieved remarkable results? 

Length of the part 35.49