Design as a tool for change

Todays news article is about an organization called ACLU that is fightying for public rights in US. They changed their mission from being an authoritative organization of experts to one that is inclusive and conversational with its allies and supporters. They have changed their practices.

It’s no accident that the nonprofit has been ubiquitous on the front lines of protests this year, communicating directly with people on Twitter, and rallying more people to join in its efforts to defend the freedoms of every American: It’s all part of a strategy to become relevant again and find new ways to advance its mission.

Open’s design work, which includes a guide for ACLU employees, is a visual allegory for that evolution. As the ACLU becomes more conversational, its identity is becoming more flexible. It’s a pivotal tool as the organization mobilizes to accommodate new modes of communication, new strategies, and new conversations.

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